The art of shaving is a very personal world and for this reason and to satisfy every need, we created a product for each preference, from before to after shaving to small details, to give the realm of “shaving” a unique and dedicated allure.

NO. 403

Pre-shave oil and beard softening. A versatile product composed of a mix of high-quality plant oils. It can be used as a pre-shave to soften the skin and beard, and makes shaping the beard easier. As nourishing beard oil, it softens and gives shine without greasing. In addition, it neutralizes odors of sweat and food. It quickly absorbs and favors the lengthening of the beard, thanks to its emollient and restructuring actions.


Apricot oil, emollient, nourishing and conditioning
Jojoba oil, emollient, nourishing and conditioning
Sweet almond oil, emollient, nourishing and conditioning
Vitamin E, an antioxidant and anti-radical

Direction of use:

apply a few drops on the face before shaving to moisturize, soften the hair and prevent irritation. Follow with your favorite shaving product.
To soften the beard; apply a few drops on your hands, massage into beard and mustache in all directions to nourish and add control and shine.